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Animalia Mobile Clinic

New Mobile Clinic in Your Area

If you are interested in having the mobile veterinary clinic coming to your community please contact us. Establishing a clinic is cost free and simple. A clinic coordinator will be provided in order to set an advance notice to the residents in your neighborhood.

Our clinics are scheduled based on our calendar time. Once we know that you are interested in planning a clinic we will only need an approval from your neighborhood association.

Why choosing a house call service?

Some of the reasons that will prompt pet owners to use our house call services are:

Eliminate stress to the animal and owner buy reducing the chances of other animal unpredictable behavior.

Reducing the need to travel to a veterinary clinic buy bringing the clinic to you, while you are staying in the comfort of your home.

Besides home visiting, Animalia Mobile Clinic also offers appointments while parked locally. Dr Salem travels to clients as needed in the evenings and on other days of the week.

We take most types of credit cards, discover, American express, visa, master card, care credit and cash ( Clinic pricing does not apply to House Calls)


As summer approaches don't forget to get your pet heartworm tested. Heartworm is a disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes. The disease can invade the heart and lungs, causing your pet to become very ill and possibly die without the proper treatment. the American Heartworm Association recommends a heartworm check yearly as well as 9 to 12 months of heartworm preventative. Parvo is on the rise this year at an alarming rate and can be prevented with the recommended series of vaccines. Puppies 8 and 10 weeks and older require 3 sets of the DHPP vaccine to be fully protected against this often fatal disease. Keep your puppy indoors and limit any exposure t other dogs until he/she is fully vaccinated to avoid any exposure to the Parvo disease .Kittens as well require a series of vaccines to keep them fully protected. RCP ( Distemper) vaccine should be given at 10 weeks and older and require 3 sets and 2 sets of ( FELV) feline Leukemia to be fully protected against illness. Both dogs /cats can receive Rabies Vaccination at the age of 4 months. It is our goal to keep your pet safe, and prevent the spread of disease.